UN special rapporteur criticises Britain’s ‘in-your-face’ sexist culture

Rashida Manjoo also says Home Office refused to allow access to Yarl’s Wood immigration centre on fact-finding mission

 Rashida Manjoo, above, was told a call ‘from the highest Home Office levels’ had blocked her entry to the Bedford immigration centre. Photograph: UN/PA

The UK has an in-your-face “boys’ club sexist culture” which leads to certain perceptions about women and girls, a UN investigator into violence against women warned on Tuesday.

Special rapporteur Rashida Manjoo said there was “a more visible presence of sexist portrayals of women and girls” and a “marketisation of women’s and girls’ bodies” in the UK, which was more pervasive than elsewhere.

“Have I seen this level of sexist cultures in other countries? It hasn’t been so in-your-face,” she added. Continue reading “UN special rapporteur criticises Britain’s ‘in-your-face’ sexist culture”