Appeals heard under detained fast-track can be set aside and reheard

RtROn 2 July, the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire announced the suspension of the detained-fast track system (which handles certain asylum claims, deemed to be quick and easy to resolve).  Read the story of the legal cases that led to the suspension in our blog post here.In Detention Action’s successful legal cases, the High Court and the Court of Appeal ruled that the appeals process of the detained-fast track was unlawful and ‘ultra vires’ (meaning the rules went beyond the authority of those responsible for setting them).   This verdict was confirmed again in a judgment issued on 29 August when the Court of Appeal rejected the Home Office’s legal challenge.Despite this,  the Home Office is still trying to forcibly remove people who have had their appeals heard within the fast-track system. Continue reading “Appeals heard under detained fast-track can be set aside and reheard”

RtR Conference invitation 5 September 2015

RtRRight to Remain is holding its national conference on Saturday 5 September, in London.

The conference (which is free) will be an opportunity to hear about our activities over the last year and the work of asylum/immigration rights groups across the UK, share what your group/organisation has been up to, and make links, friends, and allies with groups and activists and professionals from across the country.   Join us in thinking about how enforcement (Home Office reporting, immigration raids, detention etc) affects communities across the UK, what is being done about it and how we can campaign to change these practices. Continue reading “RtR Conference invitation 5 September 2015”