Powerful witnessing from Calais

2015 Aug 19 CalaisFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CalaisMigrantSolidarityActionFromUK/

If you know me please read this, feel free to share it if it resonates with you.

I think that the running theme that seems to come out of a visit to calais sprawling new jungle migrant camp is that its a place that verges on being inexplicable in words alone.
I consider myself to be a really strong person emotionally and yet my very short visit there to drop off the provisions that many of you kindly paid for has shaken my understanding of myself to its very core.
I consider myself to be compassionate, I am not compassionate enough.
I consider myself to be informed, I am not informed enough.
I believe that I see everyone as equal, I realise it is not enough to just “believe” this.
I think I question everything I read in the media, I now know that I don’t even come close.
I always thought that my values rested firmly in equality. I know now that my version of equality is completely wrapped up in my own little bubble of experience. Continue reading “Powerful witnessing from Calais”