Asylum in the UK: ‘room for improvement’ is putting it mildly

RtRRtR: At Right to Remain, we’re always out and about across the UK, meeting with and running workshops for the groups in our network.  This means a lot of train journeys.  Luckily it provides some time to catch up on reading, like the report by the Independent Chief Inspector on the Home Office’s Asylum Casework released last week.

We get a very stark insight into how the asylum process operates from the members of the community groups we work with, and it’s not pretty.  This first-hand experience is invaluable, and as a collective of individuals, they provide irrefutable evidence of a system that routinely fails people, that is operated in an intentionally hostile way, and all too often is instrumentalised to deny people their rights. Continue reading “Asylum in the UK: ‘room for improvement’ is putting it mildly”