Britain must stop failing refugee children

guardian_logoGuardian: Child refugees are victims of contextual factors not of their own making but which are common to inhumanity: a toxic policy cocktail of deterrence; tokenism and symbolism fuelling government inertia (Britain leaves child refugees alone, afraid and abandoned, Amelia Gentleman, 3 August). First, they are being used as a deterrent to further migration, in the same way as paupers admitted toworkhouses under the poor law were used to deter dependency on the state…

Updates: concerns about decision-making and negativity

Still human still here1. Home Affairs Committee report issued

The Home Affairs Select Committee published a report on the Home Office Immigration Directorates, covering Q1 2016. On Eritrean applications, the Committee concluded that it is “unacceptable” that the Home Office is still getting so many of its decisions wrong and made a similar finding on Iranian cases (Paras. 31 & 32). It raised concerns over family reunion policy (Paras. 39 & 41) and the Government’s ability to meet its resettlement commitment to Syrian refugees and vulnerable children (Para. 36). It noted that if the DWP review concludes that there is a need for the grace period to be extended this must be implemented swiftly. The Committee “will return to this subject as part of our inquiry into asylum accommodation later this year.” (Para. 46). For the full report go to: Continue reading “Updates: concerns about decision-making and negativity”