First of the huge court fee increases come into force

RtRIt may not surprise you to learn that, following a public consultation over the proposed hike in immigration and asylum court fees during which lawyers, NGOs and the public warned the government the fees would severely impede access to justice and threaten the rule of law, the goverment is introducing said increase as of today, Monday 10 October 2016.

As Jo Wilding has pointed out in her article in The Conversation, this is a:

“huge increase in procedural costs after the government announced fee hikes of over 500% for some types of appeal through the immigration and asylum tribunals.” Continue reading “First of the huge court fee increases come into force”

What does detention mean to you?

unlock-detention-2016By Lisa Matthews, Coordinator at Right to Remain: Unlocking Detention 2016 started today (Monday 10 October), and runs until 18 December.  There are so many ways to get involved (see here), to help shine a spotlight on the grave civil rights abuse that is immigration detention.

One of the ways we’re asking people to join the conversation, and creatively connect with this issue, is to draw a picture in response to the question: “What does detention mean to you?” Continue reading “What does detention mean to you?”