Idea for a Zoom reading meeting

QARN ‘Excessive fees: leave to remain in the UK’ leaflet:  In these times of online meetings, here’s a suggested format for considering the important issues raised in this leaflet.  Gloucestershire AM has recently had a good experience of this.  Having originally planned a whole ‘faith in action’ day on refuge and asylum issues, we had to alter it to a zoom event instead. Continue reading “Idea for a Zoom reading meeting”

Ease the immense suffering for undocumented migrants

20.4.2020 The BaRE UK: The impact of COVID-19 government measures on asylum seekersAsylum seekers are already the most isolated and marginalised people in the UK and things have just gotten a lot worse for them.

Loraine Masiya Mponela, the chairperson for Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group (CARAG), reflects on the unique challenges being faced by asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in the UK.

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QCEA: Covid-19 and inequality _ beyond isolation

Quaker Council for European Affairs: 9 April 2020 Navigating uncertain waters: Covid-19 and inequality 

Isolation, disruption and confusion have interrupted many of our lives. Kékéli Kpognon and Andrew Lane chart a way through by focusing on those who have been surviving these conditions for years.

While some countries have relaxed rules towards asylum seekers, others have made their lives harder. Image: <a href="">Goppang Nyarta (Boush)</a> a young Darfuri designer, engineer and artist-in-residence at Quaker House Brussels in 2019.
While some countries have relaxed rules towards asylum seekers, others have made their lives harder. Image: Goppang Nyarta (Boush) a young Darfuri designer, engineer and artist-in-residence at Quaker House Brussels in 2019.

Policies that show generosity towards asylum seekers make some European politicians very nervous, which is why some of what we have seen in Europe in the last few days is so remarkable. The deportation of asylum seekers is being suspended (Germany), immigration detainees are being released (Italy), homeless people are being housed (France), and some are being given temporary asylum (Portugal).

But rather than protect people from Covid-19, some governments are using the crisis for other purposes. We are seeing the right to claim asylum under European and international law being suspended (Greece), and the granting of new powers for a prime minister to rule by decree indefinitely (Hungary).

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Coronavirus: Portugal to treat migrants as residents during pandemic

Protecting migrants from Covid-19

We call on the Home Secretary to:

  • ensure access to healthcare – this means immediately suspending all NHS charging and data sharing with immigration enforcement, and launching a public information campaign that makes clear that healthcare services are available and safe for all migrants to use
  • ensure all migrants have access to vital public services by suspending ‘No Recourse To Public Funds’ conditions
  • make assurances that no one will be penalised for missing appointments, reporting or court dates due to illness
  • make sure no one is made an ‘overstayer’ because of being self-isolated or unable to return to a country that is not safe to travel to, by extending or modifying visas
  • release everyone detained under immigration powers to reduce the risk of COVID-19 entering the detention estate and causing avoidable harm
  • provide specialist support for those housed in shared Asylum Accommodation to enable safe access to medical services, testing, and where necessary, re-housing for particularly vulnerable people. Continue reading “Protecting migrants from Covid-19”

Coronavirus: Access to healthcare, housing and food for all

cc:   UK Home Secretary and UK Health Secretary,
Irish Health Secretary and Irish Minister for Justice and Equality,
All UK MPs,
All Members of the Irish Parliament (the Oireachtas),
All Leaders and CEOs of Local Authorities and Health Services in the UK,
All CEOs of Councils and Health Services in Ireland,
Professor Neil Ferguson, Imperial College, London,
Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Ireland
Prof Ruairi Brugha, Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology, Ireland27th March 2020

Dear Sirs
We call upon the British and Irish States to act immediately so that all undocumented, destitute and migrant people in the legal process in both the UK and Ireland are granted Status Now, as in Leave to Remain.  In this way every human, irrespective of their nationality or citizenship can access healthcare, housing, food and the same sources of income from the State as everyone else.   Continue reading “Coronavirus: Access to healthcare, housing and food for all”

Coronavirus, undocumented migrants and those in the current process

PRESS RELEASE / PUBLIC STATEMENT for immediate release