Mojirola Daniels – Speaks Out Full summary of the treatment that I received at Yarl’s wood center

I am one of the ladies on hunger strike at Yarl’s wood center. On Monday 8th February 2010 around 11 45am GMT time, some group of women stood at the center of a hall in the center. We were protesting about the condition at the center and the length of time we spend in here. An officer approached the group and informed us that an immigration official would like to see us all to discuss the issues that we have raised.

The officer told us to follow him down the corridor to the immigration office. We proceed down to the end of the corridor. When we got to the very end, the officer asked that we should go inside the office 4 ladies at a time. They allowed 4 women to enter and told us that they will let 4 more in when those 4 inside gets out. One of the manager of the center ( a lady manager called Viv Moore) came from the long corridor and asked us if we wanted to go back to our rooms. We told her that we were waiting to see the immigration. She said we are just wasting our time and that nothing is going to be achieved from our protest. She then asked the officers in the room to come with her and as soon as they got to the door, the last officer looked the door on us. They all stayed outside watching us through the door window. Continue reading “Mojirola Daniels – Speaks Out Full summary of the treatment that I received at Yarl’s wood center”

53.8% of detained children, returned to the community

In the year April 2008 to March 2009, 1,116 children entered detention and slightly more departed it-clearly some cases would have overlapped from previous year. Some 539 of those children, slightly fewer than half, were removed, and 629 were released. [Hansard 10 Feb 2010 : Column 1027]

Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

5.54 pm

Alistair Burt (North-East Bedfordshire) (Con): Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, for the opportunity to raise matters relating to Yarl’s Wood detention and removal centre. As I am sure the House is aware, it is the largest immigration detention centre for women and children in the United Kingdom and is located in my constituency. Continue reading “53.8% of detained children, returned to the community”