Almost 80 per cent of asylum seekers wrongly refused legal representation at appeal

A ground-breaking project at Devon Law Centre has found that asylum seekers are being wrongly refused publicly-funded legal representation for their asylum appeals in 79 per cent of cases, and that at least 30 per cent of these people have a legitimate claim to some form of protection.

Thursday 1 April 2010: The project’s final report warns that recent reforms to legal aid have made it harder for asylum seekers to get a fair hearing. The report includes several compelling case studies in which people were only recognised as refugees after the project had secured representation for them at appeal. Continue reading “Almost 80 per cent of asylum seekers wrongly refused legal representation at appeal”

Welcome ruling on detained Iraqi Kurds

A ruling in February that the continuing detention of one of the thirty-four Iraqi Kurds deported to Baghdad and refused admission to Iraq was unlawful, should benefit others held for deportation for years with no prospect of speedy return.

In October 2009, a charter flight left the UK with forty-four Iraqi deportees on board, bound for Baghdad. The flight, the first for five years, was the culmination of five years’ negotiation with the Iraqi authorities. But the flight returned to the UK with thirty-four Iraqi Kurds still on it, all refused entry to Iraq. The refused Iraqis were returned to detention. A number of them launched legal challenges against their detention. In the lead case, that of Mr A, the High Court judge made a ruling which, although addressing Mr A’s specific situation, will have positive implications for the other detainees. Continue reading “Welcome ruling on detained Iraqi Kurds”

How to find your prospective Parliamentary candidates

Addresses of prospective parliamentary candidates

Three main parties

The following addresses take you directly to the right page. Putting in your postcode will give you the details.

If there are email addresses it’s probably best to write by that means at this stage so close to the election.

The Greens and UKIP

Go to each party’s website, and search for PPCs. You will find them listed under different area or regional headings.