Continued detention was unlawful – Administrative Court decision

R (on the application of Mjemer) v SSHD QBD (Admin Court) 12 May 2011 (unreported)
Although an immigration detainee posed a moderate to high risk of absconding and a moderate risk of re-offending if released from detention before being deported, when the fact that he had been detained for over two years and four months, the likelihood that he would not be deported within a reasonable time-frame, and the effect on him of detention was taken into account, his continued detention was unlawful.

Fast Track to Despair

Detention Action (formerly London Detainee Support Group) advocates for policy change on immigration detention in the UK and provides support and advice to people detained under immigration powers in the London area. Through our daily contact with asylum-seekers and other migrants in detention, we ensure that their voices are heard and their experiences contribute to debate on immigration detention. Continue reading “Fast Track to Despair”

Border Agency appeals ban on dawn raids of unaccompanied children

Border Agency appeals ban on dawn raids

The government is challenging a court-imposed ban on controversial “dawn raid” removals of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children that are carried out without notice, as the number of deportations has plummeted, CYP Now has learned.

The divisive practice has been used in the past to deport children to European Union countries under the so-called Dublin Regulation, whereby the UK can remove asylum seekers to their first entry point into Europe, provided it is an EU member. Continue reading “Border Agency appeals ban on dawn raids of unaccompanied children”