Serco shackling detainee for 8 days

FGP case – High Court judgement finds Serco shackling detainee for 8 days breached Art 3 – 05/07/12 FPG was restrained and attached to security staff at all times, 24/7, during nearly 9 days hospiatlisation. This included while showering and using the toilet, as well as during medical consultations and treatment and while asleep. There was nothing in FGP’s history to suggest he would abscond from custody. The high court judge found that Serco, the private company that runs Colnbrook, acted in violation of the detainee’s right not to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. The judgement notes that “… nor were there any requests from medical staff to remove restrains”. Dr Jonathan Fluxman, chair of Medical Justice, a charity that is contacted by about 1,000 immigration detainees a year, said ; “This is far from an isolated incident – we regularly receive similar complaints from detainees. Something appears to have gone badly wrong when hospital staff remained passive over a patient in their care who was needlessly shackled over a continuous period of 8 days. A High Court judge found this to be inhuman and degrading treatment; it also flies in the face of basic rights for all patients. We would interested to hear what Hillingdon Hospital have to say about this matter.”. Download the judgement and see the summary by Liberty. Continue reading “Serco shackling detainee for 8 days”