Medical Justice Update on Children in Detention

HM Inspector of Prisons exposes deputy prime minister’s fabrication to have ended detention of children: During a 25 minute fanfare at last month’s Liberal Democrat party conference, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg claimed again that the government has fulfilled its promise to end the immigration detention of children.  It has not. It has simply re-branded the detention of children, opening a new detention facility for children at Pease Pottage, run by G4S and Barnardo’s. Yesterday, HM Inspector of Prisons (HMIP) published its first report on this new detention facility for children and families (“Cedars”). Continue reading “Medical Justice Update on Children in Detention”

G4S uses ‘unacceptable’ force on pregnant detainee at UK family detention centre

HM Inspectorate of Prisons report finds that G4S security staff at a UK Border Agency detention facility “deserve great credit”, despite unacceptable use of force on pregnant detainee.     Tom Sanderson 24 October 2012
A pregnant woman in a wheelchair was tipped up and held by her feet by G4S staff at Cedars, the Border Agency’s ‘compassionate’ new detention facility. The incident emerged in the first report on Cedars by the Prisons Inspectorate who said the “substantial force” used against the pregnant woman caused “significant risk of injury to her unborn child”. At one point she fell from her wheelchair. Chief Inspector Nick Hardwick said: “there is no safe way to use force against a pregnant woman, and to initiate it for the purposes of removal was to take an unacceptable risk”. Continue reading “G4S uses ‘unacceptable’ force on pregnant detainee at UK family detention centre”

Afghani interpreter is disbelieved by UKBA

The ‘farcical handling’ of an Afghan asylum seeker’s case?  How many times have we heard that before?

The difference this time is that the Afghan asylum seeker was an interpreter who had worked for British forces – and had been injured in a Taliban bomb blast in Afghanistan – and there was clear documentary evidence to prove this.  And the condemnation of the ‘farcical handling’ comes from the Daily Mail. Continue reading “Afghani interpreter is disbelieved by UKBA”