UK’s fast-track asylum system ruled unlawful

Government appeal system for processing asylum seekers’ applications, which has been in use for a decade, must be quashed, high court rules

A fast-track immigration appeals procedure under which thousands of asylum seekers have been locked up each year has been declared unlawful by the high court.

Mr Justice Nichol said the process under which rejected asylum seekers arriving in Britain are detained and given seven days to appeal was “structurally unfair”.

The judge said the rules put asylum seekers “at a serious procedural disadvantage” and said it “looks uncomfortably akin to … sacrificing fairness on the altar of speed and convenience”. Continue reading “UK’s fast-track asylum system ruled unlawful”


2015 emmaus Calais_camp_article_detailEmmaus is providing humanitarian aid to the 2,500+ migrants in the Calais area of northern France. This number is growing daily – many have survived Mediterranean crossings and some are fleeing the Syrian conflict. Since the clearance of the Sangatte centre most are now camped around the Jules Ferry Centre with one meal supplied once a day for a maximum of 1500 people. Migrants, including very young children – many of them unaccompanied, and pregnant women, are living in appalling conditions without decent shelter, enough food, nearby water, or other basic essentials.  Continue reading “PLEASE HELP BY JULY 3rd 2015: OPERATION CALAIS”

Pope Francis: Immigrant Children Must Be ‘Welcomed And Protected’

Pope Francis confronted the “racist and xenophobic attitudes” that often face undocumented immigrants by addressing the thousands of unaccompanied childrenincluded in their ranks.

In a message delivered to the Mexico-Holy See Colloquium on Migration and Development on Monday, the pope drew attention to these migrant children who he said often undertake the dangerous border crossing alone in order to escape violence in their home countries: