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quaker orangeI think that many Friends are watching the failure of humanitarian response to the situation of the refugees here in Hungary.  First, let me say that the failure is on the governmental level.  There has been an incredible outpouring of loving kindness and material support from hundreds — maybe thousands — of people.I was at a training for volunteers this evening and one of the questions that was asked was what can people outside of Hungary do?The answer is that they can lobby their politicians to put pressure on Hungary. I had already suggested that in response to an inquiry from a Belgian Friend.  Those in Brussels can also address the EU.Would you share this message with EMES?  Please write your Parliamentary representatives and ask them to demand that Hungary live up to the humanitarian responsibilities of EU member states. (They need to be demanding that of their own countries as well, but right now the situation in Hungary is dire.) Continue reading “Hungary …”

Leaveners: ‘Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity on our Poets’ Corner


During the month of September on Poets’ Corner, arts charity Leaveners publishes poetry on ‘Displacement: Stories of Hope and Humanity’.
Currently 60 million people worldwide are suffering from displacement (UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, 2015). People fled their homes and countries due to causes of war, conflict and injustice. Through the poetry archive on Displacement, ‘Poets’ Corner’ aims to uncover the stories of compassion, camaraderie, and kindness that swim beneath the surface during these times of great suffering, helplessness and hardship.

Finding hope and humanity through the stories of people who directly experienced or are engaged with displacement seems more necessary than ever. Please download the poems ‘New Boy in Class, 1943’ and ‘A New Day’ and print them to display in your Meeting House or other public place. Read all poetry throughout the month here:

2015.9 Poem Displacement A New Day

2015.9 Poem Displacement New Boy in Class 1943


Indefinite detention: Not one dissenting voice … apart from James Brokenshire

Right to Remain – Written by 

Yesterday, parliament debated immigration detention.  Specifically, the motion:

‘That this House supports the recommendations of the report of the Joint Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, The Use of Immigration Detention in the United Kingdom; has considered the case for reform of immigration detention; and calls on the Government to respond positively to those recommendations.’

These were the recommendations of the first-ever parliamentary inquiry into detention, recommendations that provide a pathway to fundamental change. Continue reading “Indefinite detention: Not one dissenting voice … apart from James Brokenshire”