Immigration Bill 2015 more useful links

parliament_logoThe Immigration Bill 2015-16: Next event – 2nd reading: House of Lords | 22.12.2015

Explained, written by John Kelly, EIN, 09 October 2015

The Immigration Bill 2015-16 arrived on September 17th (PDF here, HTML from here and explanatory notes here). The Bill’s own summary says: “A Bill to make provision about the law on immigration and asylum; to make provision about access to services, facilities, licences and work by reference to immigration status; to make provision about the Director of Labour Market Enforcement; to make provision about language requirements for public sector workers; to make provision about fees for passports and civil registration; and for connected purposes.”

The explanatory notes neatly sum up the purpose of the Bill as: “[T]o tackle illegal immigration by making it harder to live and work illegally in the United Kingdom.” So an even more hostile environment‘. Continue reading “Immigration Bill 2015 more useful links”