Quaker Peace and Social Witness: Private Sponsorship of Refugees

quaker orangeResponse invited to: A consultative paper for Meeting for Sufferings, 6 February 2016. Please discuss this with your MfS reps:

1 Summary

1.1 The clerks of Meeting for Sufferings have agreed to allow this additional item to be brought to the Meeting at short notice. At the end of February Quaker Peace & Social Witness Central Committee (QPSWCC) will be considering a paper of options for possible work to address the refugee crisis. Before then, the clerks of QPSWCC wish to consult Meeting for Sufferings on one very specific proposal, so that QPSWCC can take your response into account when they decide whether to proceed with it. If MfS Representatives are able to take some informal soundings locally, that might be helpful, but this is primarily a process of ‘taking the temperature’ of MfS as a wider and representative body of Friends. Continue reading “Quaker Peace and Social Witness: Private Sponsorship of Refugees”