Immigration Bill final stages

parliament_logoImportant changes will be included in the otherwise very negative Immigration Bill which is about to receive ‘royal assent’ and become an Act:

1) automatic bail hearings for those who have been in detention for four months.
2) 72 hour time limit on detention of pregnant women.
The ‘Storify’ link below is well worth looking at.

The last stages of the Immigration Bill 9th & 10th May 2016

Here’s how an automatic bail hearings (after 4 months of detention) and a 72-hour detention time limit for pregnant women came into existence

Sign the Petition against increased court fees

The Government has proposed a massive increase in the fees that immigrants and asylum seekers pay to have their immigration/asylum cases heard in court. This huge rise in fee (eg. from £140 to £800 for a hearing in court) will prevent individuals from being able to take their cases to court. Continue reading “Sign the Petition against increased court fees”