Proving Torture: Demanding the Impossible

2012 Sept 24 Freedom from TortureFreedom from Torure report: November 2016: Report: Home Office Mistreating Evidence Of Torture – RightsInfo

Many who seek asylum in the UK do so because they have suffered torture in their home country. Often they are forced to flee immediately and do not have time to gather evidence for their claim to asylum. Expert medical evidence of torture is sometimes the only evidence they have.

The report makes several findings about how the Home Office handles these claims:

  • Expert medical evidence is often disregarded or mistreated.
  • The standard of certainty required for medical evidence of torture to be accepted is nearly impossible to meet.
  • Many caseworkers view medical evidence as an ‘obstacle’ that they have to overcome in order to reject the application.
  • Caseworkers without clinical qualifications often replace expert medical evidence with their own opinions.

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