Gatwick Detention Welfare Group are running Refugee Tales 2017

Refugee Tales project is walking from Runnymede to Westminster between 1st – 5th July.  Walkers journey in solidarity with refugees, staying in churches and community buildings and sharing their stories, food and friendship along the way. Each evening there is a free public event, which uses Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as a model, with prestigious authors telling the stories of asylum seekers and those who work with them, combined with great music and compared by a well-known host.  

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Refugees Welcome? Executive Summary April 2017

“In the network we have people who are engineers, community leaders, teachers, people with important skills who can contribute to this country. When we’re talking about refugees that achieve great things for this country – like Mo Farah – not everybody is Mo Farah, but everybody has something to give to this country.”

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