Concert for Hope on Tuesday 23rd March, 19:00-20:30

UK Welcomes Refugees – the recording will be here

A special celebration of welcome and hope, featuring outstanding Syrian musicians and stories of welcome through Community Sponsorship. Join on Tuesday 23rd March for a very special celebration of Syria’s rich culture, music and people. Featuring Ahmad al-Rashid and Nour Sakr as live hosts throughout, this free online concert includes breath-taking musical performances from some of the most outstanding Syrian musicians in the UK:
Maya Youssef (qanun), Adnan Shamdin (tambur), Mariela Shaker (violin) Riyad Nicolas (piano), Osama and Hatem Kiwan (voice and keyboard), Raghad Haddad (viola) and Rihab Azar (oud).

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A Letter to the People of the UK

16 March 2021: Hasting Community of Sanctuary: Speaking from the Heart about Napier Barracks

Erfan – a former resident held in Napier Barracks for nearly 6 months, and who was one of the nearly 200 people who contracted Covid in the massive outbreak in the barracks in January has written a powerful letter to the People of the UK. We are honoured to share it here.

The letter can also be found here: Help Refugees:

A Letter to the People of the UK

Dear People of the UK,

You may know me from the letters which were written on behalf of the Napier barracks residents. I am now outside of the camp and cannot talk on behalf of my other friends. However, I personally would like to say a few important things about what I have seen and learnt during my stay at Napier Barracks and the United Kingdom.

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