6 JUNE Surround YarlsWood: Demonstrate to END Detention & Shut Down Yarl’s Wood – STOP the scapegoating of immigrants!

Yarl’s Wood is the central battleground for women’s rights in the UK; exposed as a site of mental and physical torture, of sexual abuse, a place where women are locked up indefinitely for no crime. The women of Yarls Wood are freedom fighters, organising to stop deportations and expose the truth about abuse and racism.

The women of Yarls Wood have bravely exposed the truth about sexual abuse by the guards, they have organised to resist deportations, they have spoken the truth over years – a truth that is now more widely known thanks to Channel 4 News undercover reporting.

In the past few weeks we have seen women beaten and threatened with prison for peaceful protest and yet another death, that of Mr Pinakin Patel who was held in Yarls Wood with his wife for two months after coming to the UK for a holiday and being stopped at the airport because of this racist immigration system that doesn’t believe an Indian family might simply want to have a holiday in the UK.

The entire system of immigration detention is on its knees thanks to a growing movement both inside and outside of the detention centres, a movement for which MFJ has been in the lead. Our regular Surround Harmondsworth demonstrations have continually put the detention system on trial, mobilising and boosting the confidence of detainees.


Movement for Justice is joining with Women for Refugee Women, WAST Manchester, Liberty and others calling this national demonstration at Yarl’s Wood women’s detention centre – it is time to #ShutDownYarlsWood & #ENDdetention – BUILD THE MOVEMENT – FIGHT TO WIN!

We have booked two coaches which means 96 seats to fill! email your name and phone number to mfj@ueaa.net to book your seat. We will be meeting at 9.30am at Euston Station (Eversholt St), we will be leaving Yarls Wood at 5pm, arriving back in London around 7pm.

Because this demonstration is being called and supported by such a large number of organisations around the country we have the opportunity to truly SURROUND Yarl’s Wood and make this the biggest declaration of war against the detention system yet seen.

On the 30th May there will be a MASS demonstration at Dungavel detention centre in Scotland. We will be soon announcing the date of our next Surround Harmondsworth demonstration. The movement to end detention has grown so much and won so much, detainees continue to organise and resist, we have to make it clear that the system of detention is untenable, unworkable, unjust, unstable and crumbling – the growth of demonstrations inside and outside of the detention centres is crucial to this strategy so spread the word, invite, book your seat, donate – do what you can!


Women for Refugee women are co-ordinating the information about coaches coming from around the country, this is the information….

For bus from Bedford station (to meet the 12 noon train) email marchu@refugeewomen.co.uk

For bus from Newcastle, http://www.willyou.it/yarls-wood-set-her-free.php

For bus from Manchester, email marshvicky@hotmail.com or ring 07791132198

For bus from Bristol, https://www.facebook.com/events/852488338163772/
For bus from Birmingham, email volunteer@hope-projects.org.uk or call Talha: 074 750 999 89

On 15th June, the week after the demo at Yarl’s Wood (6 June) there will be a protest at parliament, during the international week of action to close detention centres.  The protest is calling for Yarl’s Wood – and all detention centres – to be shut down.

Find out more here (http://ymlp.com/z2EWAE) .