A selection of articles on complaints and harm on removal

UKBA Guidance Manual – Handling of Complaints in detention & during escort – June 2011
Handling of Complaints in immigration removal centres, short term holding facilities, holding rooms and during escort – guidance manual for UKBA staff and contractors.  Download the manual.
Detention Services Order 01/2011 – Commissioning of investigations and management review into incidents
Taylormade take over from Aeromed 365 as overseas medical escorts
Medical Justice was informed by the Director of Detention Services at UKBA on the the 4th July that ; “Aeromed were a sub-contractor for G4S. Taylor Made are a sub-contractor to Reliance for the provision of medical escorts.  More info.
FRONTEX removal operations 2010
The statistics show for each deportation flight, how many were depored to which country, which country organised the deportation flight, and which other countries were involved.  Download the statistics.
Guardian : “Amnesty presents damning report on security firms’ treatment of deportees” – 07/07/11
“Charity calls for radical overhaul of removals system citing assaults and unsafe restraints used by poorly trained guards”  The article in full.
Guardian : “Jimmy Mubenga’s death shows the deportation system must change” – 07/07/11
By Adrienne Makenda Kambana – “A report on the role of private contractors states better oversight is needed to prevent others suffering as my husband did. I spoke to my husband on the day he died. He was sat in the plane, waiting for it to take off and take him back to Angola. He didn’t want to go: he was worried about his family, me and our five children, left in the UK without him. Jimmy was very sad. He hung up and said that he would call me back – but he never did. He died that night.:  The article in full.
Amnesty : “Ill-trained, dangerous and unaccountable…”
“One such technique was nick-named by contractors “Carpet Karaoke”, as it involved forcing an individual’s face down towards the carpet with such force that they were only able to scream inarticulately ‘like a bad karaoke singer’. It involves the seated detainee being handcuffed, with a tight seatbelt through the cuffs and their head pushed down between their legs. There is a serious risk of death by positional asphyxia when this technique is used.”  The briefing.
Open Democracy : ““Duty of care” vs “earnings per share”: private contractors in the UK immigration removals business”
““We have always operated to the highest possible standards of safety and welfare for those people in our care,” said G4S.  The article in full.
Guardian : “Mubenga case guard investigated over Facebook images” – 21st June 2011 article
“Two guards suspended for offensive comments posted on page belonging to man under investigation for alleged manslaughter. A guard under investigation for the alleged manslaughter of Angolan detainee Jimmy Mubenga has used his Facebook page to post a mocking photograph of two other men, assumed to be detainees, on an aircraft.”  The article in full.
BBC : “G4S immigration removal centre complaints revealed” – 17th June 2011 article
“A private security company responsible for holding immigration detainees received more than 700 complaints last year, the BBC has learned. …The company runs three removal centres and until recently escorted detainees who were being deported.”  The article in full.
Morning Star : “800 complaints are ‘tip of the iceberg'” – 17th June 2011 article
But Medical Justice Spokeswoman Emma Ginn told the Star: “The rising number of complaints against G4S does not surprise us. We continue to hear of serious complaints by detainees in immigration removal centres run by G4S on regular basis…”  The article in full.
Guardian : ” Deportee slashes his throat as plane prepares to leave Gatwick” – 20th June 2011 article
“An illegal immigrant slashed his throat as he was being deported from London on a plane.”  The article in full.
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