About QARN

Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network held its inaugural meeting on 9 December 2006

Aims of QARN

1) To work to change the way that Refugees and Asylum Seekers (whether recognized under UN Convention on the Status of Refugees or not) are treated, to ensure that justice and compassion are the guiding principles.

2) To support each other as Friends acting under concern.

3) To keep Friends in our Meetings up to date with developments.

4) To work to convince British Quakers that a principled critique of current Asylum Policy should be part of our Corporate Quaker witness, in keeping with our Testimony to Equality.

5) To Guide Britain Yearly Meeting, now that Sufferings have accepted that Asylum is a concern, to help them to work effectively for justice and compassion in our asylum and immigration system.

For information about Quakers,  see the Britain Yearly Meeting Quaker website:  http://www.quaker.org.uk/.