Ask your candidate to sign the Refugees Welcome Pledge

Throughout history, the UK has been a welcoming place of safety for people fleeing some of the world’s most appalling conflicts and regimes.

We’re proud that 10,000 Jewish children found refuge here through the Kindertransport scheme during the Second World War; we’re proud that Britain was there for Uganda’s Asians during their escape from brutal dictator Idi Amin, and we’re proud that Britain will offer a safer future to 20,000 Syrian men, women and children during their hour of greatest need.

Today we’re asking for your help to ensure the UK continues this life saving work.

Act now: ask your local candidates to sign the Refugees Welcome Pledge.

In the run up to this year’s General Election you have the chance to make a difference to the lives and futures of refugees by making your voice heard.

Together with Refugee Action and Scottish Refugee Council, we’re asking you to join us by calling on parliamentary candidates to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring Britain remains a welcoming place of safety by signing the Refugees Welcome Pledge.

The pledge asks candidates to not only remember the importance of refugee protection including in debates about immigration but also to uphold the proud tradition throughout the UK  of welcoming refugees and helping them rebuild their lives.

Tell your candidates to sign the pledge now.

We want as many candidates as possible to sign the pledge before the election. Once the voting is over, we’ll be working with MPs to make sure that their pledges are turned into meaningful action to help refugees.

We’ve written to candidates to tell them about the pledge but pressure from voters is vital. Please make sure that your candidates know that local people like you want Britain to remain a place of safety for people forced from their homes by conflict and persecution.

Act now: contact your candidates about the pledge.

Thank you for standing up for refugees.

Maurice Wren,

Refugee Council Chief Executive