Asylum, QARN and what you can do:

This will post be updated but please also see this link: for more ideas

23 October 2021:

  • Please keep an eye on the QARN website for issues that you may wish to write to your MP about, or petitions you can sign.
  • We have a Facebook page where members can post news items, comments and ideas:
  • You will see there that right now there is a campaign by many groups to get orange hearts everywhere as a sign that people support refugees, in defiance of the ‘Nationality & Borders’ Bill that is going through Parliament now. Please send us your photos for the website.
  • This Bill is so damning towards most people who will be seeking asylum, and if you know any Lords please urge them to be actively engaged in bringing amendments that would stop the proposed furtherment of this hostile environment
  • Little Amal is a giant puppet who represents the journey of child refugees. Her walk began from the border of Syria/Turkey and will end on 3 November 2021 in Manchester with an outdoor event starting 7pm at Castlefield Bowl  : The arrival of Amal to Manchester marks the end of her epic journey. In the lead up to Amal’s arrival local schools, refugee communities and Manchester International Festival will be creating a giant flock of puppet birds. Her days in Manchester culminate in a spectacular finale event. Surrounded by the communities of the city, Amal understands that she has reached her final destination. She is now ready to begin her next even longer journey: creating a new life in a new home. 
    • You could perhaps make paper birds to put in your window,  or cover the Meeting House in them to greet Little Amal. There is an origami pattern here – these work really well to impress small children 😊 :
Little Amal