Asylum stats for Q3 2012

Please note that the way statistics have been compiled has changed in that asylum applications and decisions now include dependants rather than just the principle applicant as was previously the case (this is in line with how other EU countries compile asylum stats).  This means that it appears like the number of decisions/applications has increased sharply when this is not the case.   

In Q3, there were 7,267 asylum applications, compared with 6,224 in Q2.

There were 5,273 initial asylum decisions in Q3, of which 33% were grants of asylum (1,760), and 4% were grants of HP or DL (192). This compares with 5,142 initial asylum decisions in Q2, of which 27% were grants of asylum (1,370), and 7% were grants of HP or DL (360). Pending cases since April 2006
There were 10,914 cases pending initial decision at the end of Q3 (4,956 over 6 months old), plus 6,380 pending further review.  This compares with 9,188 waiting initial decisions at the end of Q2 (4,432 over 6 months old), plus 6,561 pending further review.

In Q3, 1,920 appeals were received and 2,005 were determined, 26% were allowed (521).  In Q2 1,979 appeals were received and 2,155 were determined, 28% were allowed (602).  Particular nationalities continued to have higher percentages of appeals allowed in Q3:
Syria: 53% (total allowed: 34)
Sri Lanka 40% (total allowed: 90).
Iran: 37% (total allowed: 91). Afghanistan: 30% (total allowed 43)

Other countries continued to have high percentage overturn rates, but the number of appeals are relatively low: DRC 52% (total allowed:14); Ethiopia: 47% (total allowed:7), Eritrea: 43% (total allowed:9): Sudan 43% (total allowed:6); Somalia 36% (total allowed:13) and Zimbabwe 30% (total allowed:16),

Asylum Support
At the end of Q3, 19,366 were supported (2,505 subsistence only, 16,861 dispersed acc) compared with 20,639 in Q2 (2,657 subsistence only, 17,982 dispersed acc).
At the end of Q3, 2,503 were receiving S4 support, compared with 2,360 at the end of Q2.

In Q3, the UK ranked 11 out of the EU15 in terms of asylum applicants per head of population. Germany, France and Sweden all received more asylum applications than the UK, with both Germany and France receiving more than double the UK number.