Birmingham Schools and Colleges of Sanctuary Newsletter No. 16 July 2023

Uploaded 19 July 2023: Birmingham Schools and Colleges of Sanctuary Newsletter No. 16 July 2023

Once again we have been overwhelmed by the commitment and compassion shown across our schools this term, we have issued new awards to St John Wall Secondary, Corpus Christi Primary, St Bernard’s Primary St Brigid’s Primary, St Mark’s Primary, SECOND awards to Allens Croft Primary and Nelson Mandela Primary, and THIRD awards to St Vincent’s Primary and St Chad’s Primary. In the FE sector, Halesowen College has also received its SECOND award. We have no doubts at all about the vibrant health of our network! We would like here to express our thanks to Mrs Azadeh from St Chad’s and Mrs Tibbets at St Vincent’s, both of whom are retiring this summer and who have supported our Birmingham network from its very beginning back in 2014.

In this newsletter you can read about pupils visiting shops and businesses to encourage them to support the campaign to Lift The Ban on asylum seekers’ right to work, and responding to the political decision to paint over murals at reception centres for asylum-seeking children. You can also gain inspiration from the many wonderful activities during Refugee Week by pupils and students ranging from Early Years to College – activities of which we only have space to share a few.

Read about an inspiring art exhibition and about our action-packed Celebration Day when twelve schools came together to share activities! Find out as well about a school a little further afield which we are supporting.

This newsletter could have been twice the size, and it’s all thanks to our pupils and teachers who are so committed to sharing our vision.

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