Building a coalition – endorse OutCry!

Do you represent an organisation which supports our aim to end the immigration detention of children? We need your help! As individuals your help is crucial, but we also need to build a strong and broad coalition of organisations to put pressure on the Government. Why is this so important? Because the Government may try to dismiss a few organisations as “just the usual suspects” making a noise about something other people don’t care about. We know this isn’t true, and by joining together we can show them that a consensus exists. The Government also tends to listen to experts – that’s why the medical report and Royal Colleges’ statement before Christmas made such an impact. So we’re asking organisations like refugee groups, children’s charities, faith groups, unions and academic institutions to stand with us, along with doctors, teachers, social workers and lawyers. To endorse us, just send us an email at with the name of the organisation you represent, and the contact details of someone we can keep in touch with.

Thank you again for your support.