Opening Hearts through Arts

Updated 21 January 2022: ‘Hostile’ documentary film:

and Sonita Gale is an independent producer and director. Sonita’s heritage is central to her storytelling. As a daughter of migrant parents, elevating the stories of migrants and marginalised communities has been at the forefront of her work.
Sonita has recently completed her directorial debut, Hostile, a feature length documentary exposing the ‘hostile environment’ for migrants living in the UK. Through the impact campaign for the film, Sonita hopes to influence change in immigration policies.

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Together with Refugees – show your support


QARN is a signatory to Together With Refugees: please get involved in the Orange Hearts campaign at their your local level.

We would be very happy to display your Quaker hearts on our website – please send them by email to and include a line which could be included, about which Quaker Meeting they are from.

Updated 16 January 2022: City of Sanctuary: Make this Valentine’s Day count

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‘The other side of hope’

6 January 2022: Byline Times: ‘Refugees and Migrants Do Not Come From a Different World’

Malka Al-Haddad introduces a new magazine aiming to challenge stereotypes about refugees and migrants by showcasing their writing and editing and building a ‘bridge’ of understanding

The Other Side of Hope: Journeys in Refugee and Immigrant Literature is a new literary journal edited by immigrants and refugees based in the UK. The magazine seeks to break down stereotypes about migrants and refugees by showcasing their writing and aims to support those careers that may have been cut short because of exile and migration. 

It was created because there is no other similar literary magazine in the country. This type of publication should have happened years ago but because it didn’t, we made it happen. Arts Council England funded us and we are supported by Journeys Festival International.

As immigrant editors, we believe that people need to understand each other, and this magazine exists to enable people to gain insights into us – our lives, our talents and our stories. It aims to be a bridge that will bring us closer through literature, and we want it to become a home for refugee and immigrant writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and for those writers who know about us and want to support us. 

Our first print and online issues have now been published.

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Little Amal – The Walk: Hope. Too BIG to ignore.

Start with Hope, change will follow: also

Amare has invited Little Amal to visit The Hague from 15 to 21 November 2021 and will welcome her as a special guest at the Open Festival on 19, 20 and 21 November.

“After the immense welcome Little Amal has received from so many thousands of people across the 8000km of The Walk, her visit to The Hague – city of Peace and Justice – is an important next step in the new journey and the new life of Little Amal. As Amare itself begins a new journey and a new life, it is right that Amal should open this new centre of art and welcome.” – Amir Nizar Zuabi

Amal meets Storm at COP26

The Walk updated 15 November at 18:17  · Migrant justice = Climate justice.

Little Amal visited @cop26uk last week to stand alongside young changemakers who brought their powerful voices to the conference to demand change.Standing alongside the young Samoan activist @briannafruean, Amal opened the Gender Day plenary as Brianna highlighted the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on girls and women from the global south.Afterwards, Amal met young activists in the heart of the COP26 blue zone beneath the hanging globe…🌍📷 @cop26uk / Douglas Robertson


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The Power of Art

EVENT: Life Seekers Aid Art Exhibition – 6 November 2021, London

Life Seekers Aid (LSA) would like to invite you to ‘The Penally Camp Exhibition’. We will be showcasing the amazing artwork of Asylum Seekers and Refugees who were accommodated at the MoD Facility in Wales. 

We are exhibiting artworks from artists who were present at the camp, the creation of which served as a lifeline and means of expression for people whose voices were being stifled. The works tell a human story of their journey, their homelands and the prosecution they have suffered along the way. They also tell of their continued mistreatment at the hands of the Home Office/The Far-Right. 

The Home Office Policies/ The new ‘Anti-Refugee Bills’, which they are currently attempting to pass, try to criminalise/dehumanise people seeking refuge in Britain. 

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There are two films here: ‘Suspended’, and ‘Roots’

These films are short, and ‘Roots’ in particular will be very appropriate for adults, but also for showing in schools.

Inscape Animations is a group of three women who use the medium of film to address global issues such as war, migration and climate change. Throu​gh a combination of sound, image and words, we aim to explore complex ideas and challenge xenophobic narratives.

There are two films: ‘Suspended’, and ‘Roots’

You can see the films here: Inscape Animations:

Epistle from ‘Envisioning a world that is open to all: let us see what love can do’ Conference at Woodbrooke, Birmingham, UK   27-29 September 2019


From a gathering of 60+ people[i], including Quakers and non-Quakers, people who have experienced the weight of the immigration system, artists, poets, musicians and singers. Continue reading “Epistle from ‘Envisioning a world that is open to all: let us see what love can do’ Conference at Woodbrooke, Birmingham, UK   27-29 September 2019”

Jane and John video

Right2Be video: Through first-hand narrative of asylum seekers and a number of organisations who support them, this short film made by Warwick law students, provides an insight into the life of asylum seekers highlighting the difficulties they face, the absence of legal protection and the lacuna created thereafter. In the video, Right to Remain explains the barriers people face in the asylum process, and how this can mean that people cannot access justice and establish their legal rights.  Continue reading “Jane and John video”