How Quakers can respond to the government’s new immigration plan

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8 April 2021: The Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network explore the UK government’s new immigration plan and outline what Quakers can do to respond.

At the heart of our Quaker testimonies lie equality, peace, truth, justice and simplicity. The government’s latest immigration proposals challenge each of these values.

It’s ok to look at the consultation on the UK government’s New Plan for Immigration and not know where to start. Alongside a seemingly overwhelming list of new policies, there is confusing disparity in the plan between words and policy.

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Teenage refugee killed himself in UK after mental health care failings

8 April 2021: Guardian: Coroner rules seriousness of Mulubrhane Medhane Kfleyosus’s illness went unrecognised

A teenage refugee killed himself after the serious nature of his mental illness was not recognised, a coroner has concluded.

Mulubrhane Medhane Kfleyosus, 19, was the fourth from his friendship group of Eritrean refugees to take his own life within a 16-month period after arriving in the UK.

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New Plan for Immigration

We will be posting various questions, thoughts, information, ideas here in the run up to 6 May 2021 when the New Immigration Plan consultation ends, see here: Government Consultation process announced – responses to be filed by 6 May 2021 11.45pm:

8 April 2021: Update: See also:

3 April 2021: David Forbes looks at The Immigration Plan and the “Sovereign Borders” Bill:

We have all, individually and severally, been invited to respond to a Consultation about Priti Patel’s immigration plan over the next few weeks. But we are not invited to challenge the title  “Sovereign Borders” attached to the Bill which will emerge after the Consultation. Nor are we invited to question whether “sovereign borders” is an appropriate concept to apply to complex issues of migration and asylum which are defined in customary international law.

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There are two films here: ‘Suspended’, and ‘Roots’

These films are short, and ‘Roots’ in particular will be very appropriate for adults, but also for showing in schools.

Inscape Animations is a group of three women who use the medium of film to address global issues such as war, migration and climate change. Throu​gh a combination of sound, image and words, we aim to explore complex ideas and challenge xenophobic narratives.

There are two films: ‘Suspended’, and ‘Roots’

You can see the films here: Inscape Animations:

A Letter to the People of the UK

16 March 2021: Hasting Community of Sanctuary: Speaking from the Heart about Napier Barracks

Erfan – a former resident held in Napier Barracks for nearly 6 months, and who was one of the nearly 200 people who contracted Covid in the massive outbreak in the barracks in January has written a powerful letter to the People of the UK. We are honoured to share it here.

The letter can also be found here: Help Refugees:

A Letter to the People of the UK

Dear People of the UK,

You may know me from the letters which were written on behalf of the Napier barracks residents. I am now outside of the camp and cannot talk on behalf of my other friends. However, I personally would like to say a few important things about what I have seen and learnt during my stay at Napier Barracks and the United Kingdom.

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Waiting for Nothing

17 March 2021 StatusNow4All: Waiting for years – then told we must reply in 10 days!

People are telling us that they have recently received letters asking them to resubmit their original application for asylum or Further Leave to Remain and any updating evidence, within 10 days, or their case will be determined on the basis of documents already in the Home Office. The Home Office has told another person’s solicitor that they have lost the casefile.

We raise the following points:

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The problem with “credibility” as a concept in asylum cases

17 March 2021 Freemovement: Colin Yeo: Whether or not a person is telling the truth about past events often becomes the central issue in many asylum claims. Sometimes this is appropriate. The question of whether an asylum seeker will face a real risk of being persecuted in future does in some cases turn on the truth or otherwise of key elements of the asylum seeker’s account of past events. If an asylum seeker is lying about being a political activist, for example, but claims future risk of being persecuted because of their past and perhaps future political activities, it will usually (but not always) be necessary to consider whether the asylum seeker is telling the truth about their past history.

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Appointment process for the role of Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

Updated 15 March 2021:New Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration appointed

David Neal to begin his appointment on Monday 22 March 2021 as Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI) for a term of 3 years.From:Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration and Home OfficePublished:15 March 2021

Home Secretary Priti Patel has today (15 March 2021) welcomed the appointment of David Neal as the new Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration.

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration is an independent monitoring body sponsored by the Home Office that reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of the immigration, asylum, nationality and customs functions carried out by the Home Secretary, officials and others on her behalf.

Mr Neal takes up the role having formerly served as head of the Royal Military Police and Commander of the 1st Military Police Brigade.

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Lack of access to lawyers for immigration detainees being held in prison is unlawful, High Court rules

26 February 2021: Independent: Judge says ministers failing to provide adequate legal advice to people held under immigration powers in jails in breach of law, after man left without lawyer for 10 months and forced to represent himself

The legal aid provision for immigration detainees held in prisons is unlawful, the High Court has ruled, after it emerged a man was unable to access a lawyer for 10 months and had to represent himself.

The claimant challenged the legal aid arrangements for immigration detainees held in prisons on the basis that they are less favourable than those in place for people held in immigration removal centres.

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