Concert for Hope on Tuesday 23rd March, 19:00-20:30

UK Welcomes Refugees – the recording will be here

A special celebration of welcome and hope, featuring outstanding Syrian musicians and stories of welcome through Community Sponsorship. Join on Tuesday 23rd March for a very special celebration of Syria’s rich culture, music and people. Featuring Ahmad al-Rashid and Nour Sakr as live hosts throughout, this free online concert includes breath-taking musical performances from some of the most outstanding Syrian musicians in the UK:
Maya Youssef (qanun), Adnan Shamdin (tambur), Mariela Shaker (violin) Riyad Nicolas (piano), Osama and Hatem Kiwan (voice and keyboard), Raghad Haddad (viola) and Rihab Azar (oud).

Through a combination of musical performances and first-hand testimonials, including from Lord Alf Dubs and UKWR Director Bekele Woyecha, the event will raise awareness of the Community Sponsorship scheme, grow the movement, and celebrate the power of communities coming together to welcome refugees and mobilise for hope. More than anything, however, the evening represents an opportunity to celebrate the talent of those we seek to welcome.”

Here are some mixed views from QARN members about the community sponsorship programme, when QPSW was considering advocating this approach, in 2016. Instead of taking this forward as a Quaker body, Tim Gee was appointed to work with Quaker Meetings to discern what may be needed, and from this came the Sanctuary Meeting Programme: