Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees – April 2024

8 April 2024: Crisis Watch: Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees – April 2024

Deteriorated Situations: Afghanistan / Pakistan / South China Sea / Venezuela / Haiti / Somalia / Bosnia And Herzegovina / Russia (Internal) / Israel/Palestine

Violence escalated in Haiti after the country’s two largest gang coalitions launched coordinated attacks across the capital Port-au-Prince to deter an international security mission from deploying. Gangs targeted critical sites, freed over 4,700 inmates and forced tens of thousands to flee.

Electoral authorities in Venezuela blocked the opposition coalition from registering their banned candidate María Corina Machado or her replacement, in an apparent bid to strengthen President Maduro’s hand in the lead-up to July elections. 

Political tensions rose in Somalia, where the government of Puntland state suspended its recognition of the Mogadishu-based federal government over a review of the constitution, one of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s priorities.

Pakistan launched its first acknowledged airstrikes in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s takeover in 2021 in response to a deadly militant attack on an army post in a border district. The Taliban retaliated with cross-border fire, underscoring the risk of armed conflict between the two sides.

Strained relations between China and the Philippines soured further over maritime incidents in the South China Sea. 

Conflict Risk Alerts: Bosnia And Herzegovina – Israel/Palestine – Lebanon

Resolution Opportunities: None

Improved Situations: Papua New Guinea / Somaliland Senegal

Source: Crisis Group,

Thanks to John O for the information