Early day motion 407- G4S AND THE SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE

G4S AND THE SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICEThat this House welcomes the Secretary of State for Justice calling in the Serious Fraud Office to investigate G4S; notes that the company’s failure to co-operate with a voluntary audit of its billing practices into its tagging contract raises serious questions about the company’s credentials and other contracts to provide public services; further notes the jury verdict of unlawful killing into the death during the deportation of Jimmy Mubenga at the hands of three G4S guards who unlawfully restrained him, with his hands cuffed behind his back while he was seat belted into a seat on a BA flight at Heathrow raises serious concerns about G4S’s treatment of vulnerable people in its care; notes G4S’s failures over the provision of security for the Olympics in 2012 suggesting an urgent inquiry is required into all of the company’s Government contracts, including its handling of Palestinian prisoners in Israel; and calls on the Government to review all Government contracts with G4S.

  • Session: 2013-14
  • Date tabled: 12.07.2013
  • Primary sponsor: Corbyn, Jeremy


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