Forced Migration – policy, trends, activism

Click on this link for Gina Clayton’s powerpoint: Forced Migration in the UK

  • Forced Migration in the UK: National policy, CURRENT TRENDS and Local Activism
Other relevant resources :
There are thousands of immigration rules. Parts 11 and 11B deal with asylum.
The UK asylum process is described in full here:
An excellent guide to the process is here:

Asylum Aid has a phone advice line: 020 7354 9631.
Coram Childrens Centre 48 Mecklenburgh Square London London WC1N 2QA:   0207 713 0089
JCWI Joint Council Welfare of Immigrants 115 Old Street London EC1V 9RT: 020 7251 8708
UK Gay and Lesbian Immigration Group 2-36 Loman Street London London SE1 0EH: 020 7922 7811
ECRE at . The AIDA database is one of their resources: and has loads of information on the systems in the EU.
Also NACCOM -the No Accommodation Network