Home Office block on Afghan and Eritrean teen refugees ‘a disgrace’

Guardian: ‘Dubs eligibility rules’ restricting child migrant entry to UK by age and nationality slammed by shadow home affairs minister.

The Home Office has come under attack over the publication of new, highly restrictive, eligibility criteria for child refugees hoping to be transferred from France to Britain, which will stop many Eritrean, Afghan and Yemeni teenagers aged 13 or 14 getting sanctuary in the UK.

The Home Office minister Robert Goodwill was also under pressure to explain why his department had issued eligibility rules excluding 16- and 17-year-olds, of all nationalities, for consideration for transfer to Britain under the Dubs amendment of the Immigration Act.

MPs from all parties expressed concern about the criteria, published Monday in response to an urgent question from the Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake. …