Immigration Detention Reaches All Time High

(All figures/text from UKBA Immigration Statistics Q1/2012)  Thanks to National Coalition Against Deportations Committee: 
There were 3,034 people, 91% of capacity, in immigration detention on 31 March 2012, the highest recorded since publication of data began in 2001, and 14% more than on 31 March 2011.
[Lindholme IRC is no longer has reverted to a HMP Cat D & C)
Of the 7,516 people entering detention during the first quarter of 2012, 6,647 entered for the first time; 720 entered for the second time; 83 entered for the third time and 18 entered for the fourth time or more since January 2009, the earliest recording point in this dataset.
Of the 6,870 people leaving detention during the first quarter of 2012, 4,275 were removed from the UK and 2,595 (37.7%) were released back into the community.
The number of children entering detention was 53 in the first quarter of 2012
Of the 53 children, 35 were children held at Cedars pre-departure accommodation, 12 were border cases detained at Tinsley House, the remaining 6 were age dispute cases detained at Campsfield House, Colnbrook Short Term and Morton Hall.
53 children left detention during the first quarter of 2012. Of these: 27 were removed and 25 (47%) were granted temporary admission/release.
10 top nationalities entering detention Q1/2012
India            433
Pakistan                 387
Bangladesh       276
Nigeria         218
China            194
Afghanistan      191
Jamaica         136
Algeria         97
Ghana            81
Sri Lanka                79
People in detention by place of detention 31 March 2012
Brook House IRC         408
Campsfield House IRC             210
Colnbrook IRC            276
Dover IRC                        285
Dungavel IRC             207
Harmondsworth IRC                574
Haslar IRC                       155
Morton Hall IRC         375
Tinsley House IRC                115
Yarl’s Wood IRC         344
Colnbrook STHF           63
Pennine House STHF               17
Cedars PDA               2
Editors note: UKBA website has gone haywire and even if you can access the statistics page, it won’t let you download any of the data. If you require a copy of Detention Statistics Q1/2012, reply with a blank Email and in the Subject line put: Send Statistics Q1/2012