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Abiola RAPARAbiola Famakinwa, mother of three children, 14, 12 and 6, is a Biomedical Scientist who was sadly widowed when her husband, a renowned journalist in Nigeria – Samuel Oluwasanmi Famakinwa died under mysterious circumstances in the Northern Part of Nigeria.
Although she was six months pregnant at the time she had to leave the country with her children in fear of her own and her children’s lives.

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Abiola’s StoryMy name is Abiola Famakinwa. I am a Biomedical Scientist originally from Nigeria.
I have three children.My husband, Samuel Famakinwa, was a popular investigative journalist for This Day newspaper. His work focused a lot on economic matters. Because of his work, and the work of his fellow journalists, the newspaper was often targeted by extremist groups.

My husband never told me about his work for fear he would expose myself and the children to danger. Me and my husband were attacked and there were numerous attempts to break into our home.

My husband was one day invited by a Governor to the Borno State (this Governor has links to the extremist group Boko Haram), a long way from our home in Lagos, to an isolated location to discuss some surreptitious matter with him.

I did not receive any word form my husband for twenty-four hours and became very agitated and scared for him. A strange man answered his phone and I began hearing rumours of his disappearance.