Last minute immigration appeals: Hamid, R

The Home Office delayed making a decision on a case leaving the solicitor no choice but to prepare for a last minute appeal.  The danger is that Judges will look unfavourably on such last minute appeals following this case:

Hamid, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWHC 3070 (Admin) (30 October 2012) markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWHC/ Admin/2012/3070.html&query= hamid&method=boolean

This has recently been reported here:

The response has been to note that it is the delay in Home Office/Border Agency decisions on such matters which can force last minute immigration appeals and that such delay must be taken into account.  So … if Hamid is applied without reference to this then it gives the power to the Home Office to push you and therefore your client into disfavour with the court.