Liberty: Child Refugees

Liberty: In May our MPs made a promise. Under huge public pressure, and the watchful eye of the House of Lords, the Government pledged in Parliament to protect unaccompanied refugee children in Europe.

That was 105 days ago and counting.
Since then almost no action has been taken to make good on this pledge. Lord Dubs himself – who was instrumental in securing it – has condemned the astonishing lack of urgency from central Government.

Councils around the UK stand ready and willing to offer homes to children in need. But they need the Government to explain how it plans to implement and fund the scheme. Until it does, they simply cannot begin to help.

Our campaign partners Help Refugees have found that more than 600 unaccompanied children are currently living in inhumane and degrading conditions in the Calais “jungle” refugee camp. Meanwhile, the Government sits on its hands.

105 days is 105 too many when you’re a child, alone and frightened.

Every day that passes puts these children at risk of violence and exploitation. Many of them are eligible for resettlement in the UK – but we need your action to make that a reality.

Liberty is joining forces with local councils to show the widespread support for a properly funded resettlement scheme.

Councillors from across the country have been signing our pledge – and just last week Lambeth became the first full council to join.

Once again it falls to us to hold the Government to account.

But we need more support if we’re going to hold it to its promises. Help us add to this list before Parliament returns from recess – email your councillor today.

Together we can make the Government keep their word.

Thank you,


Larry Holmes
Digital and Campaigns Coordinator
P.S. If you are a councillor and would like to support the pledge, please email