Medical matters, housing contractors, unlawful detention May 2012

This briefing update considers the likely impact that changes in health and social care will have upon recent migrants to the UK. It considers factors including the Health and Social Care Act, changes to immigration rules, as well as access to treatment for non-resident HIV patients…

Important judgment on value of medical reports
by David Rhys Jones for Free Movement blog, 8 May
The Court of Appeal has reviewed the meaning of ‘independent evidence of torture’ and the correct approach to the analysis of medical reports in R (on the application of AM) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWCA Civ 521. Read article here

City of Sanctuary?
City of Sanctuary concern for welfare of asylum seekers as housing contract goes to private security firm. Sheffield council is urged by asylum-seeker and refugee support groups to keep a close watch on new, independent housing contract. Read at Guardian blogs

Blogging from detention

T is 20 years old and currently in a detention centre, waiting to find out if he will be deported back to Afghanistan.
Feeding the birds, 8 May 2012

I have been in trouble twice here because they don’t like when I feed the birds. It is against the rules. The birds come really close to me when they are eating. If I help others, I think God will help me. read more

Recent unlawful detention cases
Free Movement blog, 9 May
There has been a flood of judgments in the last few weeks on the issue of unlawful detention. With immigration detention used more frequently and for longer periods than ever before, the aftermath of the secret and unlawful presumption of detention policy and the ongoing travails of the UK Border Agency, it seems likely that many more such judgments will be seen in the coming months. Read article here