Meeting for Sufferings

On 2 December 2017 Meeting for Sufferings formally minuted that QARN (Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network)is a Quaker recognised body (QRB).

Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) is the standing representative body entrusted with the care of the business of the Britain Yearly Meeting through the year. This first met in 1675. Its original purposes included obtaining redress from both Parliament in cases of individual suffering and seeking to liberalise the laws relating to religious toleration.

Meeting for Sufferings minute – 3 November 2007:

We are encouraged and challenged by the work of QARN, and support their call to all Quakers to work to convince the public and our government of the need to change the way that asylum seekers are treated, to ensure that justice and compassion are the guiding principles.

We are outraged at the way our society treats most asylum seekers and refugees.

Let us add a strong voice to those of churches, charity organisations such as Amnesty International, MPs and others who are working for change. .

We hope that Friends everywhere will take to heart the urgent need of refugees and asylum seekers for friendship and neighbourliness, and remember the words of George Fox to “be patterns and examples “ in expressing in practical ways our care for those newly arrived in this country.

Sufferings Dec 2009:

S/09/12/7:       Minutes & Correspondence

i Area Meeting Minutes

a)             Bristol AM: Colnbrook Detention Centre

Further to our minute S/09/04/8c), we return to minute 27/09 of Bristol Area Meeting held 19 February 2009 concerning Colnbrook Detention Centre (paper S/09/04/mc i b).

b)           Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network

Sheila Mosley of Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network, has introduced the minutes from the QARN meeting held 17 October 2009 (paper S/09/12/ mc i b), and has summarised QARN’s views on the priorities for action especially on the detention of children and indefinite detention.

We would like to support greater awareness-raising among Friends about the issues facing asylum-seekers. QARN membership is open to all and they are willing to provide speakers for meetings. We are encouraged to take action individually and as meetings to give practical help to asylum-seekers and to support campaigns such as Outcry on their behalf. We would also like to make some kind of public statement on detention and ask the Recording Clerk to report on this to us early in 2010.

Sufferings March 2010

S/10/03/ 9: Detention: proposal for BYM campaign on detention of children in immigration removal centres

Further to our minutes S/09/12/7 i a) and b) of 5 December 2009, and S/10/01/4 i a) of 15-17 January 2010, Marigold Bentley of Quaker Peace & Social Witness, has introduced a paper on detention of children within the asylum system (paper S/10/03/A).

We agree to the letter being sent and made public for a wide dissemination of a Quaker voice on this matter. We welcome the strategy suggested in the paper, particularly seeking alternatives to detaining children, who need to be protected and kept with their families. We ask Friends to use this letter in canvassing Parliamentary candidates at this time.