November 2016 HMIP inspection report of Morton Hall

The latest HMIP inspection report of Morton Hall detention centre is published today.
Morton Hall is particularly isolated and is often portrayed as “dangerous”, because people simply know so little about Morton Hall.  It is one centre that probably receives the least amount of coverage in general.  So please help raise awareness of what’s happening there by sharing some of the material here.

In terms of themes, we are focusing on long-term detention (#Time4aTimeLimit), increased level of self-harm and the centre’s particularly punitive approach.
The tweets you can easily retweet are here and here
Unlocking Detention’s Q&A with ‘Dave’ who was in Morton Hall is here.  It is important to highlight people’s direct experience of Morton Hall, so please do share this as much as possible, linking it to the inspection report.
Also there are other material you can share.