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G4S: Securing whose world?

In a privatised children’s prison, a care worker restrained a boy who died; G4S promoted him. After guards killed an asylum-seeker on a plane, G4S was handed a public contract to provide housing for asylum-seekers — they’ve made a mess of that. In a prison van in Australia they baked a man to death.

Welcome to OurKingdom’s investigation into G4S, the security and surveillance people who see democratic uprisings as a business opportunity. They’re running privatised public services worldwide.

Our coverage, led by award-winning reporter Clare Sambrook, has been followed by the BBCThe TimesThe Guardian and the New York Times.

 Jimmy Mubenga and the shame of British Airways

CLARE SAMBROOK 12 October 2013
Three years after the unlawful killing of a passenger in its care, why hasn’t British Airways held an inquiry into what went wrong? What are the consequences of its inaction?

 G4S: A tale of two troubled prisons

CLARE SAMBROOK 7 October 2013
Privatisation’s flagship African jail is beset by kidnap, rape and stabbings. In Oakwood Prison, England, hooch, drugs and violence thrive. What’s the problem? For-profit prisons? Or G4S?

 Glenda versus G4S

GLENDA BEATO 3 October 2013
When an Aylesbury householder started investigating the world’s biggest security company . . .

 Welcome to Britain: ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’

JOHN GRAYSON 6 September 2013
For decades racists have yelled “Go Home” at minority ethnic and Black people. Now the government is doing it in a reviled and provocative advertising campaign aimed, ostensibly, at ‘illegal immigrants’. John Grayson reflects on a nasty piece of work. See alsoWe all belong to Glasgow – Refugees Are Welcome Here.

 Parliament resists government attack on British justice (again)

GEMMA BLYTHE 5 September 2013
MPs decry government proposals, in England and Wales, to destroy Legal Aid, one of the great achievements of the post-war settlement and a pillar of our democracy. See also: A victory for British justice, but so much more to do

 Privatised justice and erosion of democracy in the UK

MICHAEL TURNER 27 August 2013
Public service outsourcers G4S and Serco were caught overcharging taxpayers by tens of millions of pounds for tagging and monitoring offenders. What happened next?

What to do with a 100 kg guard who fatally restrains a 40 kg boy? Promote him to health & safety manager, G4S children’s homes. Behind the corporate image at the company responsible for some of Britain’s most vulnerable children. See also: Concealment and trickery – that’s G4S children’s homes

 Concealment and trickery – that’s G4S children’s homes

The world’s biggest security company hides its identity in applications to convert houses into children’s homes in England. See also: G4S guard fatally restrains 15 year old – gets promoted

 What is G4S doing in England’s NHS?

As G4S is exposed for overcharging on government contracts, we ask – just what is G4S doing in the NHS?

 Yorkshire community defends kidney-transplant patient from deportation and death

ESME MADILL 13 July 2013
The UK immigration authorities have hounded an ill woman for years. They claim she is a health tourist. Her doctors confirm that she is not. On Thursday Roseline Akhalu yet again faces her accusers in court. Friends, neighbours and actor Colin Firth lend support.

 When companies charge the taxpayer for monitoring the dead

ELLIE BUTT 12 July 2013
G4S & Serco fraud inquiry: Five things the British public need to know about privatising criminal justice.

 Lord Ramsbotham attacks ‘perverse’ decision not to prosecute G4S over Mubenga death

JULY 2013: Crown Prosecution Service reconsiders decision not to prosecute G4S.JULY 2012: Ramsbotham, former chief inspector of prisons, condemns original CPS decision not to prosecute. Peers describe UK Border Agency culture of disbelief, its abuse of torture victims, denial of legal representation, dawn raids on pregnant mothers, the perils of outsourcing, ‘loutish and aggressive’ behaviour, and that’s not all . . .

 After Mubenga unlawful killing verdict: Could asylum seekers have a worse landlord than G4S?

JOHN GRAYSON 9 July 2013
• Inquest jury return unlawful killing verdict • Jimmy Mubenga died after ‘restraint’ by three G4S guards • G4S executives David Banks and Stephen Small gave flawed evidence to UK parliamentary committee about restraint techniques • Lately Stephen Small dismissed allegations about abuse of asylum seekers housed by G4S

 Unlawful killing: Why Jimmy Mubenga’s death is British business

LARA PAWSON 9 July 2013
• A British jury finds that Jimmy Mubenga, a father of five being deported from Britain to Angola, was unlawfully killed  • Three guards from private security company G4S forcibly restrained him • Ties that go back decades before his birth in Angola link Jimmy Mubenga to the UK

 Who is that man in the Lord Chancellor’s seat?

• Justice minister making savage cuts lined his pockets from Parliamentary expenses • MPs grill Chris Grayling over plans to destroy Legal Aid • Grayling acknowledges ‘ideological’ motivation.

 MPs on Justice by Tesco, Stobart & G4S


A debate the government did not want to happen. House of Commons resists Coalition attack on Legal Aid.

 Justice is not a commodity

Looting and pillaging. Economic illiteracy. Craven cowardice. A response to the government’s attack on legal aid.