Petition calls for suspension of removals to DR Congo

HM Government e-petition. Responsible department: Home Office

Refused asylum seekers at risk on return to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Stop the torture of vulnerable Congolese asylum seekers now. The report ‘Unsafe return’ has documented that refused asylum seekers removed to the DRC are at risk of: – interrogation at the airport – arbitrary detention – being denied access to lawyers – torture and rape in detention It also documents the detention and ill treatment of children removed with parents and cases where returnees have successfully left the airport without harm but have been arrested at home later or been forced into hiding or exile. The Petition seeks to question: a)The adequacy of systems in place to monitor what happens to refused asylum seekers; b)The Home Office evidence for maintaining that the refused asylum seekers are not at risk. This petition calls for the suspension of removals until there has been a full inquiry into the safety of failed asylum seekers on return, in order to prevent future ill-treatment of vulnerable Congolese asylum seekers.

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