QCEA Storytelling

22 March 2023: The Quaker Council for European Affairs is pleased to release a new publication Storytelling from the Frontlines: Forefronting the voices of communities most affected by militarism and the climate crisis

Storytelling has been a crucial vehicle to build common narratives, understanding and mutual trust between and within communities throughout the centuries. Stories have the potential to create new meaning, stimulate empathy, build nuanced perspectives by countering misconceptions, and catalyse people’s dreams and aspirations towards concrete community action. Yet despite its potential and documented added-value in the context of peacebuilding efforts, its application in the context of social transformation processes and policymaking remains limited.

QCEA’s new publication brings a selection of stories from communities in disparate locations of the world who are united by the connecting thread of militarism and the climate crisis. Through storytellers’ eyes, we see how militarisation and securitised responses negatively impact the natural environment that communities depend on to survive and thrive, as well as how militarisation hinders local efforts to tackle climate and environmental issues at the community level.

The publication is accompanied by a series of audiograms, which you can find in our dedicated website.