Questions for MPs/Hustings – destitution

Still human still hereCurrently single people receive about 50%of the normal income support rate when they receive support from the NASS system. It is arguable that even asylum seekers on NASS support can be defined as destitute, because they cannot meet their basic needs on the amount of support they receive.

  • Do you support asylum seekers on NASS support receiving a minimum of 70% of income support rates?  

People in the asylum system are not allowed to work, unless they have been waiting for an initial asylum decision for longer than 12 months, and then they can apply.  Those who have had their application for asylum refused will not be allowed to work at all.

  • Do you support the right to work (of any kind – not restricted to the shortage occupation list)  for asylum seekers who have been waiting more than 6 months for an initial decision, and those failed asylum seekers who cannot, for a variety of reasons, be removed?


  • Why are people destitute in our country?
  • What can we do about it?

Still Human Still Here: