Questions in Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament, 27 May 2010 – Children in Dungavel, and dawn raids
QUESTION: Linda Fabiani (Scottish National Party)

To ask the Scottish Executive whether it has sought clarification from the UK Government that the pledge in its coalition agreement to end detention of children in Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre will be extended to ensure the ending of dawn raids in Scotland.

ANSWER: Michael Russell (Scottish National Party)

I welcome the Immigration Minister’s recent announcement that the detention of children at Dungavel is to end immediately. However, I remain opposed to detaining children of asylum seekers anywhere in the UK, including those who may be transferred from Scotland, and urge the new UK Government to introduce their new policy throughout the UK as quickly as possible.

I am unclear how the UK Government will carry out its commitment to end the detention of children or whether this will include the end to dawn raids, however, I am aware that they have launched a comprehensive review….more

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Scottish Parliament 28 May 2010: Children in Dungavel
QUESTION: Johann Lamont (Labour)

To ask the Scottish Executive …information on how many children of asylum seekers were detained at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre in each month of 2009

ANSWER: Michael Russell (Scottish National Party)

UKBA Quarterly reports for 2009…detail the numbers of people who entered detention for immigration purposes – these include a breakdown by age and place of detention… According to these reports a total of 100 children entered Dungavel detention centre.