Refugee Council: continued detention of children

Refugee Council’s Not a minor offence documents continued detention of children two years after government promises to stop

The charity’s report, Not a minor Offence, focuses on children they are working with who have arrived in the UK on their own, but who are not believed to be the age they say they are by social workers or immigration officials. They are then wrongly treated as adults in the asylum system, meaning they face being detained with other adults, and being removed to their own country, in breach of child protection laws.Read the article here or download the report directly here.

Young People Seeking Safety’s new blog
Young People Seeking Safety is a network of young people, groups and individuals who support young people seeking safety – with a focus on unaccompanied asylum seeking children – in our local communities.

YPSS provides a formal platform for local and national groups across the UK to communicate, meet and work towards ensuring the care and human rights of young asylum seekers and other young migrants in the UK.

The network now has a resources blog which is a repisitory for films, news article, reports, statistics and any other useful material on the issue of young migrants.  You can find out more about the network at website here.  You can also find them on facebook here or follow them on Twitter(@ypseekingsafety).