Refugees Welcome

The Quaker Council for European Affairs are concerned about the harm experienced by refugees travelling to and within Europe. We are calling for safe and legal ways for refugees to travel to Europe and for peacebuilding approaches to be used to end the violence that many refugees have escaped. We are opposed to ‘fortress Europe’ and military responses to migration.

Please scroll through this page to read about some of our work.

A letter to MEPs about Humanitarian Visas from eight Christian organisations, including QCEA (15 September 2015). Click here tread.

We CAN choose loving and effective responses (4 September). Click here to read more.

For more on the EU’s military response (15 August), Click here.

Quakers in Britain call for safe paths for refugees (5 September). Click here to read more.

To find out about specific recommendations for safe and legal paths to the EU (November 2014), click here.