Refugees Welcome

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Resources: Community Welcome Plan – Each Local Refugee Welcome Committee (Local Committee) will need to create their own Community Welcome Plan. This document sets out what you aim to do to welcome refugees and is the basis for relating to the local council and the National Refugee Welcome Board (National Board). Its purpose is to help ensure resettled refugees are properly welcomed, and that host communities have a positive experience of resettlement.

Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme – Funding Update – Home Office updates for local Council Leaders

MP Commitment Form – Ask your MP to commit to:

  1. Ensure that the government agrees to increasing the number of Syrian refugees from 20,000 to 50,000 – that’s just 4 families per year, per parliamentary constituency over 5 years.
  2. Create a new safe route by establishing the promised private sponsorship scheme – whereby private individuals, communities and businesses can pay the costs associated with a person’s first year in Britain and take a lead in resettling them to safety – and ensure that this programme is in addition to any government commitment to resettlement, rather public generosity be used to resettle refugees on the cheap.

Meeting your MP – A Guide – Before meeting with your MP it’s important to know how your asks can be accomplished in concrete terms and what the implications might be. The document below sets out the facts, as well as the specific requirements for resettlement and private sponsorship. It would be best to have a read through it beforehand and refer to it during your meeting with your MP so that you’re ready to address their concerns from every angle.

RRN – Arrival to Independence – Rural Refugee Network Welcome Resettlement timeline from their arrival to an independent life.

Refugee Welcome School – If you’re interested in encouraging your local school to make this commitment you can download this pledge form. …